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Give Your Child’s Self Confidence a Boost

Published April 17, 2018 in Confidence - 0 Comments

A confident child needs to develop a realistic and positive perception of her or his abilities. Encouraging words will help develop this, especially when you refer to your child’s specific efforts and achievements, no matter how small or great they are. It is not only matter of surviving they need the confidence to thrive. Yes, failure is good for kids also as mistakes are. But it is important to remember that too many failures could make them learn that they are failures.


So for this not to happen it is important to give them a lot of emotional support and at least some experience of success. Also, this needs a careful approach because the line between “helicoptering’ and appropriate support is rarely clear. Also, every kid is a unique individual, so the approach has to be the same. With the right amount of support and protection, kids have to be let free in managing their lives and overcoming obstacles to meet their goals. This is a basic formula for them to develop confidence and here are some basic steps to keep that formula works.


Unless the outcome isn’t vitally important, task your children need to do doesn’t have to be under the constant temptation of improving. This will undermine their confidence and stop learning it for themselves. Help them set realistic goals and reasonable enough to avoid feelings of failure.

Coaching not controlling


Flourishing and developing is something coach does on the field so the parent should be doing it at home. Do the thing WITH them and not FOR them, so they get an opportunity to become competent and self-capable.

Effort focusing

For any hard work or perseverance give them positive feedback. Keep them trying, improving, practicing and to learn the fact when they work hard they achieve their goals. Remember that product is never the point. Steps to do every time good or even better if possible are important, and that will learn them to accept setbacks as normal part of life that can be managed.

Rules and consistency

It is maybe hard to believe, but when children know who is in charge, they are more confident. Being clear what is important for the whole family is one of the great relationship foundations how for children also for parents.


By learning and following rules, their sense of confidence and security will work for them even better when they get older.

Support and encourage

When children accomplish something in their rising pursuits, give them positive support. As long it doesn’t influence badly on their health, behavior or schoolwork let them manage their passion themselves. Encouraging, for example especially in physical activities they learn in a great way to recognize their strengths, accept weaknesses and handle defeat while expanding the circle of friends. Staying fit and learning to respect your body is a real confidence booster.