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How To Make A Smooth Transition To A New School

Published May 2, 2018 in Transition - 0 Comments

Moving is a stressful event for the entire family. It is a challenge for everyone. Transitions are difficult for children, and some can be vulnerable at this period. So creating a smooth transition into school should be a good start in their new environment. Parents and children are not only people involved in the transition process. There are also teachers, teaching assistants and practitioners which make the whole situation more complex. There are some steps which can make it all much easier for all included in the process, especially kids.


It is really difficult for a child to adjust to new school in the middle of the school year. If it is possible in any way to try to schedule the move during the summer so children can start the new school year as everybody in new school.

New school

Visiting new school together with your child in advance could be of great help. If your child is in grade or middle school, it could be of great help for them. To meet new teacher, classroom, getting a schedule of the classes and locating each class. If you have high school children, this all may not be necessary but be prepared to be of any needed assistance.

If there is a possibility in a new neighborhood for connecting your child to a friend who will be in their class or school it would be convenient. A familiar face on the first day of school is really helpful.


Parents usually make a big mistake when not talking about the transition and move with their children. They feel that the holding off children to know anything about the significant move will save them from unneeded stress. Amount of talk and information should be appropriate to the age of children but it will always have same results, it will reduce the adjusting of children to the idea of moving and preparing for the transition.

Check out in advance

More thoroughly interesting areas, local restaurants, stores and some other hot spots. That could develop more interest to them for a new place. Spread their horizons at the very beginning which will get their attention of the “worries” they created in their heads.


Children stay connected to their old friend so let them know. They will be able to see their friends from old school any time possible. Scheduling some sleep overs, creating some hanging outs together with new friends from new school will for sure make it easier for them in first few weeks of going to new school.

All these steps have different impact levels depending on unique child’s behavior and personality. So it is very important to listen and talk to your children which will help both sides in making all moving conditions suitable for the success of children and parents.